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Elliott Top is a young artist-in-training who is discovering his personal style.  He likes to cycle and play with his friends.  He lives in Vancouver, B.C.  Here are his own words about himself and his art.

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"I'm Elliott Top, and I love to paint, draw, and invent.  I am also learning the violin and I like to dance in front of a green-screen and I like to sculpt.  I went to the Vancouver Christian School.  There I learned to be kind, faithful, and how to be a good person.  Someday, I would like to be an author.

My art captures my special memories which I like to make into original inventions or art.  Sometimes these memories include warm feelings about family, or objects but most of all I love rabbits!

What motivates me is to see the funny things that happen, and try to put these ideas in my art.

I learned a technique called alla prima (wet-on-wet) where I used a pallet knife.  I also use household junk and a glue gun to make sculptures.  My favourite is video-making, green-screen, and stop motion videos."

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